A ground-breaking solution to a long-standing problem.


Curriculog | Advanced Features

We led the way with the world's first academic catalog management solution, Acalog, which has been in use now for more than a decade, serving hundreds of higher-ed customers. Those same customers have been asking us to give them a dedicated solution to automate curriculum workflow and approval.

Curriculog is the culmination of years of research with input directly from our customers on what they need in a curriculum management solution. It integrates with student information and degree audit systems, streamlines curriculum approval processes, and makes approved courses and programs available for catalog publishing. Curriculog is:

  • Comprehensive. The workflow component supports an unlimited number of customizable forms and rule-based routing processes, including exception handling, committee meeting agendas, impact and bottleneck reports, and even program and course assessment mapping.

  • Automated. Role-based management allows approval processes to be created that are automatically populated with participants the moment a proposal is identified with a department or institutional unit. Proposal originators can run a workflow simulation prior to launch showing every participant associated with each approval step, and Curriculog will highlight any gaps that could lead to bottlenecks or stuck processes.

  • Configurable. The comprehensive user dashboard allows participants to view all active proposals, and to easily keep track of their own, those they are watching, and proposals for which they have active tasks. Configurable fields enable institutional terminology and designations to be used for ease of training and user acceptance.

  • Smart. Exception handling allows proposals to be held, canceled, or custom routed on the fly to accommodate special circumstances, or to address the ad-hoc need to include a particular role or individual in an approval process. Committee steps allow custom agendas to be created for any number of proposals, with the ability to create printable versions, and assign group approval privileges for individual participants.

Curriculog is a true example of community based software development. We were able to leverage input from our hundreds of higher-ed customers to provide a truly ground-breaking solution. We invite you to learn more about this unique product to discover how its user-centered design and advanced features will transform a long-standing problem into a powerful solution. Schedule a live demonstration today!